Reflection 和 Spiritual Care Center

Reflection 和 Spiritual Care Center

的 Reflection 和 Spiritual Care Center houses the office of Campus Ministry. It is a place to relax, take a deep breath, 点燃一只蜡烛, 和 browse a book on any spiritual subject in our library. Located in Samuel Read Hall Building across from Lamson 图书馆, the Center 和 its 工作人员 are open to 和 respectful of people of faith 和 of different perspectives. It is available to students, 工作人员, 和 教师 as a quiet 和 restful space; you do not have to use it for religious purposes.


的 Center’s hours vary each semester, but are generally Monday – Friday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.  It is best to contact 凯西Tardif at or (603) 535-2673 to make an appointment.

Currently, all visitors to the Reflection & Spiritual Care Center must wear a mask.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry is a service to the Plymouth State community provided by local places of worship 和 the greater Plymouth community. Plymouth State has Catholic, Episcopal, 和 Interfaith ministries. 的y provide spiritual, social, 和 service activities to people from all walks of life 和 of different faiths 和 perspectives. 的y offer sources of discussion 和 support, encouraging students, 教师, 和 工作人员 to think about faith 和 spirituality in personal, 学术, 和social方面. 的 campus ministries also participate in many aspects of campus life.

Campus Ministers

Campus Minister
Catholic Campus Ministry
(603) 535-2673

Program Coordinator
Caring Campus Coalition (Interfaith)
(603) 254-5090

牧师. 桑迪‧艾尔邦
Recovery@PSU (Episcopal)
(603) 303-2435

Campus Ministry Groups

Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM)

We are Catholic Christians, coming together to build our faith individually 和 as a community so that we can be the light of Christ that we are meant to be, 和 in our own special 和 unique way, make this world a better place.

First 和 foremost we build community. We are accepting of all who choose to join us, whether or not they are Catholic. Spiritual activities include weekly meetings where we discuss topics of faith from a Catholic perspective; monthly prayer services 和 suppers with the pastor of local Holy Trinity Catholic Parish; 和 monthly Bible studies that we host with Keene State students. In addition, we do many social 和 service activities.

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Catholic Campus Ministry

Caring Campus Coalition

Caring Campus Coalition at Plymouth State University creates an intentional community of kindness 和 purpose by making personal connections, exploring the complexities of the human spirit, 和 supporting all in their pursuit of authentic self.

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Recovery@PSU is a campus ministry of the Episcopal Church of New Hampshire at Plymouth State University. 的 牧师. 桑迪‧艾尔邦, a priest in the Episcopal Church is our chaplain. In partnership with the Caring Campus Coalition, Recovery@PSU seeks to provide education 和 spiritual support to the campus community with a particular, though not exclusive, focus on the issues of addiction, Substance Use Disorder (SUD) 和 to carry the hopeful message of healing 和 recovery.

Upcoming events 和 more information about student groups can be found on the Campus Ministry internal site. You will prompted to sign in through the Plymouth portal.