Ut Prosim /志愿者

校友 are connecting with faculty, 工作人员, and students by volunteering with 普利茅斯 State in many ways – participating in panel discussions with students, sharing their expertise on advisory boards, conducting mock interviews with students, 和. Below are some current and upcoming opportunities PSU is recruiting for. Please consider giving back in support of your alma mater and current students.

Featured Volunteer Opportunities

 职业发展 Office Volunteer

Preparing 当前的学生 for Success After Graduation

 When alumni share their stories of finding success after graduation, 他们激励, 提供了方向, and spark new ideas to help current students find their own path.

Click Here to Volunteer with the 职业发展 Office

校友 招生 Volunteer

Share 普利茅斯 State with the next generation of Panthers!

Work closely with the 招生 Team to promote our alma mater at in-person college fairs, 虚拟会议, and even on campus events. Introduce 普利茅斯 State to potential students by sharing what you loved about your college experience, as well as the latest news from campus.

Volunteers connect will be connected with our 工作人员 and equipped with the knowledge, 宣传材料, and 普利茅斯 State gear needed for a great experience. Click below for current opportunities, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Click Here to be an 校友 招生 Volunteer

Continuing Opportunities to 连接 and Engage:

Looking for something different? 没有问题. 普利茅斯 State is seeking volunteers to serve in a wide variety of roles. Let us know how you’d like to connect by completing the form below, and we’ll be in touch with more details.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities

  • 事件

  • Career Services/Professional Development

  • 通信

  • 志愿者组织

  • i.e. - Can you host a job shadow experience for 1 or more students at your place of business? Are you a good public speaker, and would you like to lead an info session on transitioning from 普利茅斯 State to the city? Do you have connections with venues for hosting a social gathering, or for discount lodging for our students?
  • 你的信息